Want to Stay Alive? by James Hadley Chase

James Hadley Chase was one of those authors whose books usually lasts not more 170 to 180 pages (sometimes 220 pages) and each page is bustling with fast action. Murder, suspense, drama, police work, are all found in plenty in each of his books. And since Chase was born in India he usually has at least one reference to India or Indians in his books. This time in “Want to Stay Alive?” it is a Seminole Indian out in Paradise City who is out to make a fast buck killing a few rich people in an exclusive bridge club thereby spreading panic and making the remaining club members quake in their boots and release some monies to escape the brutal murders of their fellow members. The plan works fine and he starts getting busy, but a couple of murders too many heats up the place for the police to get into action. Poko Toholo the Seminole Indian a nut case having a sick mind has a couple of bedraggled dirty, sweaty, smelling couple to do some of his dirty work but somehow the plot unravels for each of them. A fast paced buzzing book, which is what is expected from James Hadley Chase. 

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