Re-schedulement of ECBs – simplification of procedure

RBI has vide its circular dated simplified its procedure for re-schedulement of External Commercial Borrowings. The re-schedulement will now be allowed subject to the following conditions:

  1. Changes, if any, in all-in-cost (AIC) is only on account of the change in average maturity period (AMP) due to re-schedulement of ECB and post re-schedulement, the AIC and the AMP are in conformity with applicable guidelines. There should not be any increase in the rate of interest and no additional cost (in foreign currency / Indian Rupees) should be involved.

  2. The re-schedulement is allowed only once, before the maturity of the ECB.

  3. If the lender is an overseas branch of a domestic bank, the prudential norms applicable on account of re-schedulement should be complied with.

  4. The changes on account of re-schedulement should be reported to DSIM through revised Form 83.

  5. The ECB should be in compliance with all applicable guidelines related to eligible borrower, recognised lender, AIC, AMP, end-uses, etc.

  6. The borrower should not be in the default / caution list of RBI and should not be under the investigation of Directorate of Enforcement.

The re-schedulement facility will be available both on automatic and approval route ECBs. The copy of the RBI circular can be found here. 

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