Form ADT-1

Under the Companies Act, 2013 appointment or re-appointment of auditors at a general meeting is required to be intimated to the Government within 15 days of their appointment as such. Until recently, this was required to be done in a form ADT-1 but this form was available only in PDF format, not as a form. So the PDF filled form was required to be attached to form GNL-1 and thereafter filed at the portal of the ministry of corporate affairs.

With effect from 20th October, 2014, the ministry has made the form ADT-1 applicable as a form to be filed and uploaded at the portal. The form requires as an attachment, the appointment letter given to the auditors, their consent letter for appointment and the resolution appointing them as auditors.

All this is required to be attached to the form ADT-1 and filed within 15 days from the date of appointment. Also to be noted that hitherto under the Companies Act, 1956 the compliance regarding filing the erstwhile form 23B was required to be done by the Auditors themselves, now it is the company’s responsibility to file the same within the said period of 15 days.

The form ADT-1 is available at the MCA portal.

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