SEBI Delisting Regulations – Amendments

SEBI has in its Board meeting held on 19th November, 2014 approved the following amendments to the SEBI (Delisting) Regulations.

(i) The delisting shall be considered successful only when (A) the shareholding of the acquirer together with the shares tendered by public shareholders reaches 90% of the total share capital of the company and (B) if atleast 25% of the number of public shareholders, holding shares in dematerialised mode as on the date of the Board meeting which approves the delisting proposal, tender in the reverse book building process.

(ii) The offer price determined through Reverse Book Building shall be the price at which the shareholding of the promoter, after including the shareholding of the public shareholders who have tendered their shares, reaches the threshold limit of 90%.

(iii) The promoter/ promoter group shall be prohibited from making a delisting offer if any entity belonging to the said group has sold shares of the company during a period of six months prior to the date of the Board meeting which approves the delisting proposal.

(iv) Use of Stock Exchange platform for offers made under Delisting, Buy Back and Takeover Regulations.

(v) The Board of the company shall approve the proposal for delisting only after satisfying itself that delisting is in the interest of shareholders and that the company is in compliance with applicable securities laws. The Board of the company shall appoint a Merchant Banker on behalf of the company and the promoter for the said purpose and for compliance with the Delisting Regulations.

(vi) Companies whose paid up capital does not exceed Rs.10 crores and net worth does not exceed Rs.25 crores as on the last day of the previous financial year are exempted from following the Reverse Book Building process. The exemption would be available only if (a) there was no trading in the shares of the company in the last one year from the date of the board resolution authorizing the company to go for delisting and (b) trading of shares of the company has not been suspended for any non-compliance during the same period.

(vii) Timelines for completing the delisting process has been reduced from 137 calendar days (approx 117 working days) to 76 working days.

(viii) Option to the acquirer to delist the shares of the company directly through Delisting Regulations pursuant to triggering Takeover Regulations has been provided. However, if the delisting attempt fails, the acquirer would be required to complete the mandatory open offer process under the Takeover Regulations and pay interest @ 10% p.a. for the delayed open offer.

(ix) SEBI may, for reasons recorded in writing, relax the strict enforcement of any requirement of the provisions of the Delisting Regulations or exempt from compliance, in line with the provisions existing in ICDR and Takeover Regulations.

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