FDI in defence sector –

RBI has issued a circular dated 8th December, 2014 wherein certain sector specific conditions have been laid for the FDI in defence sector. The gist of the conditions are as follows:

The extant FDI policy for defence sector has since been reviewed. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has now provided a list of defence items as finalised by Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence and has clarified that items not in the list would not require industrial license for defence purposes. Dual use items, having military as well as civilian applications, other than those specially mentioned in the list, would also not require Industrial License from Defence angle. Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, has finalised the ‘Security Manual for Licensed Defence Industry’.

Further, on a review, effective from August 26, 2014, foreign investment i.e. FDI, FIIs, RFPIs, NRIs, FVCIs and QFIs upto 49% under government route shall be permitted in defence sector subject to the conditions specified in the Press Note 7 (2014 Series) dated August 26, 2014. Portfolio investment (RFPI/FII/NRI/QFI) and FVCI investment will not exceed 24% of the total equity of the investee company. Portfolio investment will be under automatic route.

The listed investee company engaged in defence sector, in accordance with the guidance provided by the Press Note 7 (2014 Series) , shall immediately allocate limits for portfolio investment for RFPI (including QFI and FII), NRI (not exceeding 10%) and FVCI within the default portfolio investment limit of 24% being permitted now and approach Reserve Bank, Central Office, Foreign Investment Division, Mumbai so that allocated limits can be monitored by the Reserve Bank.

A copy of the RBI circular is found here i.e. http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/NotificationUser.aspx?Id=9391&Mode=0

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