Online Regn for SEBI intermediaries

SEBI has started the process for online registration for all financial market intermediaries. The link for online registration is

The portal shall include online application for registration, processing of application, grant of final registration, application for cancellation/ surrender, submission of periodical reports, requests for change of address/ name change etc.

The portal is now applicable for the following intermediaries, viz

i) Stock Brokers

ii) Sub-brokers

iii) Merchant Banker

iv) Underwriters

v) Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agent

vi) Debenture Trustees

vii) Bankers to an Issue

viii) Credit Rating Agency

The portal shall be operational for depository participants from 31st May, 2017.

Henceforth all applications for registration/ surrender/ other requests shall be made on the portal only.

However, the applicants will be separately required to send relevant documents viz. declarations/ undertakings required as part of the application process, in physical form but for record keeping purpose only. The online processing will not be impacted.

The applications in respect of stock brokers/ sub brokers/ depository participants shall be continued to be made through stock exchanges/ depositories respectively. Hard copies of documents submitted by these intermediaries shall be retained by the stock exchanges/ depositories and will be produced at SEBI whenever called for.

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