LLP incorporation

MCA has vide its notification dated 18th September, 2018 streamlined the process of incorporation of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) in India. Hitherto, for more than 10 months, the LLP incorporation had come to a standstill as MCA had stopped issuing stand-alone Director Identification Number (DIN) to individuals.

1) Now name reservation for a LLP can be done by a web service called LLP-RUN. Unfortunate part is that this RUN will be governed by their Central Reservation Centre (CRC) which is a retrograde step, in my view. That section is manned by totally incompetent people who have no idea at all about business incorporation.

2) Form 2 for incorporation of LLP will be replaced by FiLLiP which will carry the DIN allotment process also. So this is good move.

3) Similarly minor amendments have been made to Addendum to Form 2 (which will be known as Addendum to Form FiLLiP, form 5 (notice for change of name), form 17 (conversion of general partnership firm into LLP) and form 18 (conversion of a private company/ unlisted public company into LLP) consequent to the above amendments. It would be interesting to note form 18 amendments as with the proposed mandatory demat of securities of unlisted public limited companies from 2nd October onwards, many unlisted public companies will seek to convert themselves into LLPs / private companies to avoid that compliance. They might seek to convert themselves into private companies but there is always a lurking fear the mandatory demat of securities could be extended to private companies as well, in the future.

All these changes will take effect from 2nd October, 2018.

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