GSTR3B – waiver of late fee

The Central Government has vide a notification click here waived the late fee on delayed filing of form GSTR3B. Any amount of late fee which is in excess of Rs.25/- per day is waived. Similarly where the tax payable is NIL and still the registered person has to file the return, any excess late fee over Rs.10 per day is waived off. This is applicable for all GSTR3B returns from July, 2017 onwards i.e. from the inception of GST system. Originally the penalty was Rs.25/- each for the state and centre and Rs.10 each for the state and central tax regime. Now part of the late fee has been waived.

So here it is only a partial waiver. But where the registered person has failed to furnish the return for the periods July 2017 to September, 2018 but has subsequently filed the same between 22nd December, 2018 and 31st March, 2019, the entire late fee is waived off.

This sounds ridiculous unless I am missing some thing here. That means if you have not filed at all but are filing now between those above dates, then you get full waiver, otherwise only partial waiver.

This begs a major question – why the hell did the government deem it so bloody important to levy a late fee and penalty in the first place if they have to go back and waive it from retrospective effect. Sounds like poor governance from the government.

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