will a robot take my job

This edition of The Age of A.I. answers a fundamental question “will A.I. take my jobs”. It dwells on how machine learning is making it more productive, more safer, more cleaner to do your jobs. While testing is going on driverless cars, it is the driverless trucks where A.I. is being tested. This is fundamental because not all drivers are same, and drivers may behave differently on different days as well. Using A.I. in port cargo systems, where thousands of functions are dangerously operated, to make it safer and productive at the same time. Robotics is being trained in unstructured environment like home like somebody suddenly coming in, etc. A.I. is also being used in the food industry to control the amount of food being wasted. So the pizza A.I. uses algorithms to predict what kind of pizza will be ordered where and the pizza production is also centrally automated. The whole A.I. ecosystem around these functions are brilliant to say the least. It used algorithms plus A.I. plus humans instead of only algorithms plus A.I.  The whole purpose of A.I. being not to replace humans but to augment their capabilities.

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