IDBI New Delhi half marathon


Finished the IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi half marathon in a time of 2.19.20 hours. This is not my PB but the season’s best for sure, i ran a half on 26th jan in 2.29 hours and another one on 2nd Feb in 2.25 hours, so it is good to be better on each occasion.

New Delhi was cold, very cold in the wee hours, when we started and had to to do some warm ups to get the body warmed up. It was a flat route, good roads, narrow patch at one section between 3 to 4 kms, otherwise very broad roads, (many of the roads i did not recognize at all, being a Bombayite) but did cross through Subramaniam Bharti road, dr. Zakir Hussain road for sure, past the historic India gate. Lot of iconic buildings of course Delhi being the capital city has to have these. The enroute support was good, including medicals in the latter stages of the race. Challenge was to reach the venue and reach the hospital which was able to do with minimum challenge. There were a lot of runners on the road, which is good for Delhi’s health and lot of committed, serious runners as well. The event was flagged off by Sachin Tendulkar and it was heart warming to see the kind of love, affection and adulation for the little master even so many years after he has retired. He was still there when i came back, so that must have quite a serious effort on his part at all.

This more or less ends the season for me, what with the summer due to start shortly, focus will be on 10K races only for some time.

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