Covid readiness

MCA had introduced a web based form called CAR – company affirmation readiness towards Covid crisis. Initially they said it has to be filed on 23rd March itself and despite many protests and misgivings from the stakeholders regarding the necessity for such a form at this stage when offices are lock down and professionals are working from home with very limited resources, the ministry went ahead with the form on Monday. Soon the website of MCA became a deluge with everybody trying to the file the form within the deadline. They imposed restrictions like only two OTP in one login in 30 minutes, which was a dampener because how we were to file the form in a day with such restrictions. Soon MCA realised its folly and kept on changing the goal posts. Soon the last date became 30th March and then it vanished altogether and late in the day they announced that it is not mandatory, but voluntary to file the form. If MCA had listened to its stakeholders last week itself, it would not have such a predicament.

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