Storm Warning


Storm Warning or Fraulein: Una Fiaba d’inverno an Italian film (2016) starring Christian De Sica, Lucia Mascino among others. A solar storm causes surges in an Italian village leading to power shortages & outages. Regina (Lucia Mascino) is a lonely spinster, 41 years old, staying in a hotel which has been closed for years. She is grumpy, cranky, cantankerous enough for people to bitch about her in the small village. She is woed by the local post office guy. One night a mysterious visitor comes from somewhere. He has secrets of his. Walter (Christian) had stayed in this same hotel immediately after his marriage. He is not happy with his family and has in fact run away from his home. He has his own sadness. Slowly something sparks between Regina and Walter, she opens up, starts smiling, dresses up, he also loosens up his sadness, becomes joyful, dances gaily, Nice movie with the storm being used as a metaphor. Nice pace for the movie. Both Christian and Lucia have acted really well.

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