Up & Down

upand down

Up & Down, a Czech film (2004) directed by Jan Hrebejk and starring Petr Forman, Ingrid Timkova, Kristyna Liska Bokova, Jan Triska, Natasa Burger among others. Two truck drivers are involved in cross border human trafficking. In one such move, they leave some Indian immigrants inside the Czech border in their truck. Unfortunately one baby gets left behind. Miluska (Natasa Burger) desperately wants a baby, she wants to become a mother, her husband is unable to become a father and they cannot adopt because of his police record. In parallel, there is a family undergoing a crisis of sorts. An eminent professor is about to die, but not before some emotional wrangling. He wants to divorce his wife and calls his son over from Australia when he has a heart attack. His present love (Ingrid Timkova) and daughter (Kristyna) and his first wife have some issues. Its a comedy of sorts, a light comedy. There is a racial kinda thing going on, because the baby is brown and these guys are white. Good movie to watch,  acting is good, direction also. Story moves along nicely. Whole lotta things gets sorted out in the end.

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