Breaking, 2019

A short film by Alicia Grullon where she herself plays the role of UN High Commissioner for Refugees and mandates deployment of UN peace keeping forces to the US- Mexican border, for protection of civilians & children & women in armed conflict. UN is mandated to protect people feeling armed conflict and climactic changes. She says people don’t just leave homes and walk miles on journeys that could be fatal. This has got some resonance with the Indian migrant workers walking 100s and 1000s of kms in brutal Indian summer to reach their homes in villages after the entire country was locked down in a 4 hours notice. Indigenous people from the five continents will be protected directly by the UN instead of the neo fascist states, the film states. UN will also eject the permanent council member states or states that have profited from the colonisation. This of course, is a fictionalised account of what should happen in the world today, but connects immediately to the masses. Brilliant short film by Alicia, this is what is required in the world today. Big corporations have taken over the world resources thereby pushing the indigenous and forest tribals to the marginal living. Democracy which is supposed to be for the people has become for the big corporations.

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