Steady, Boys, Steady

Steady, Boys, Steady written by James Mitchell (no image of book cover found) is an outrageously funny book written of war time exploits and escapades of an unit under Royal Navy Commando, called as “Suicide Unit”. Geordie Willis has come from a family of war men, his father and grandfather were both in the navy. He wanted to get into the air force, but one blunder pushed him into the Navy unit where fortunately he had some daring young friends with immense skill of getting into and escaping from hell. Written in a first person account this is a delightfully different book about the war, an irreverent look at the comedy of war itself. The narrative is brilliant in a typical Brit fashion. Young Geordie and his unit travel to North Africa, Sicily, Dieppe and Reggio, and escape each time due to their chutzpah.

James Mitchell (1926-2002) was a prolific writer having written many books and TV series as well, including the famous “When the Boat Comes in” (BBC) and “Callan” (Thames Television). He has also written under the pseudonym “James Munro” and “Patrick O’MacGuire”.

Goodreads 5/5

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