The Brass Go-Between

The Brass Go-Between written by an American author Ross Thomas in his pseudonym Oliver Bleeck has an interesting theme. Phillip St. Ives is a professional go between the kidnappers or ransom seekers and their victims. All he has to do is follow instructions to the t and deliver the ransom and retrieve the kidnapped which could be person or goods. He becomes a go between in a robbery of an important brass belonging to an African country by the name of Jandola but there is a warring faction here in the form of a separatist Kamporean who is also wanting the brass as an important symbol to their country. One after another murders take place, the cops get greedy and involved and St. Ives is then left to solve the crime which is not exactly his forte. The narrative is pretty good and there is lot of action taking place in each page. Goodreads rating 5/5

Ross Thomas is an American writer (1926-1995) of crime fiction and has written quite a lot of books.

One of his book has been made into a movie St. Ives (1976) starring Charles Bronson, Jacqueline Bisset among others

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