Do Bigha Zameen

A cult classic from Bimal Roy, this film is a story of a farmer trying his best to retain his small landholding in the presence of industrialisaton wave spreading India in the early 50s. Made in 1953, its a beautifully made movie where a farmer Shambo Mahto (Baljraj Sahni in an Oscar winning performance of his lifetime) wants to keep his small 2 acre land for which he is indebted to the local zamindar who virtually forces him to sell off his land for naught. Being idealistic Shambo travels to the city to earn some money (Rs.235 to be exact, which was a big sum those days) and in the bargain becomes a foot rickshaw puller which was in vogue in Calcutta of those days. Hardworking, dedicated, with lots of pride in himself, Shambo ultimately has to fall to the throes of the greed capitalist system. He has got a small family which is closely knit together and similarly idealistic, although the kid did stray occasionally this is probably one of the finest works of Bimal Roy. Beautiful camera work, cinematography and lilting music by Salil Choudhary but the movie marks Balraj Sahni as the finest actor of his generation,

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