Touching the Void

Touching the Void, a mountaineering docu drama based on a real life adventure of two friends Simon Yates and Joe Simpson who attempted the previously unclimbed west face of Siula Grande in Peru. They summit but get into bad weather while coming down, Joe falls during descent and suffers a broken leg. Simon lowers him using the rope but in the blizzard he is unable to view Joe and after some bad weather decides to cut the rope. He assumes Joe is dead and returns to the camp, but Joe has fallen into a crevasse and slowly with the broken leg gets back after four or five days after crawling through the snow and then the broken mountains with his broken feet. A story of endurance beyond human limits. The docu drama is interspersed with narration by Simon and Joe and their friend Richard Hawking who remains in the base camp for reasons unknown. The real life incident took place in 1985 while the film was made in 2003. Siula Grande is a mountain range in Huayhash mountain range in Peruvian Andes with a height of 6344 metres (20814 ft)

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