League of Denial

Interesting and absorbing documentary on the concussion denial at NFL (the football league in America – the kind of football they play in America which is much like the Rugby played in other parts of the world, but more violent in US because they play using helmets and other body protection equipments). The issue surfaced when one player died and when his brain was examined by a Nigerian Dr. Bennett Omalu he found surprising results in the sense that his brain had been completely damaged. He did more research and came up with a new disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. But NFL is a big money machine with big bucks, big advertisers, sponsors et al. Surprising that NFL has not bothered to change any rules of the game involving head to head contact. I mean why could’nt they have eliminated head to head contact and keep other aspects of the game. I don’t know the rules of the game and i don’t understand it either, but if the brain damage was being caused due to constant head to head contact, was’nt it feasible to eliminate that part of the game altogether. Purists can always say that every sport has its dangerous elements like formula 1 car racing, boxing, WWE, etc. But in the interregnum Dr. Omalu got sidelined completely and a neurosurgeon in Boston University got all the brains to examine. Probably one documentary should be made on that feature. The documentary shows that if an organisation has big money with big lawyers they can dump everything and buy anything they want. A $765 million off court settlement buys them time and silence perhaps. Nicely made documentary with lots of expert speak which is how a documentary should be made.

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