1999 series India – Pakistan

Interesting documentary on the 1999 India Pakistan cricket series in India. I missed this series because i was abroad during that time, so missed the excitement of Sachin century in Chennai and Kumble 10 wickets in an innings in New Delhi. This series was held after a 10 year hiatus and then there was the hugely popular 2004 series in which India went to Pakistan, which was extremely popular and well received. Indian seam bowler Balaji was the pick of the bowlers during that 2004 series and India had unarguably one of the best line ups during that series with Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag in that team.

Between 1978-79 which was Kapil Dev’s first test and series and 1989-90 there were seven series and then followed a 10 year gap, which was filled with this series and then there were 5 more series upto 2007-08 which was the last of the test cricket played between these two countries. The terrorist attack on India’s financial capital in November 2008 put the final nail in the coffin of the test relations between these two countries. Subsequently they have only met in world championships. Pakistani players played in the first ever edition of Indian Premier League which had a huge following in Pakistan, but subsequent editions saw them being left out of selections due to government orders.

Now a world test championships in test cricket is taking place and it is to be played on a league basis with every test playing nation playing the other twice, i think, but if India and Pakistan are not playing test cricket, then the credibility of the world championships test cricket is at stake. For a long period of time, no test playing nation visited Pakistan due to security concerns but recently Sri Lanka visited that country for a short tour and followed by Bangladesh for another short tour.

In the meanwhile Pakistan have their own T-20 league but no Indian player goes there but several world players do take part in it for commercial reasons.

I feel test cricket should restart between the two nations, maybe in a neutral country if the government of both countries agree or don’t agree. Sports should not hijacked for political reasons. Sports should not be used as a tool for solving political battles.

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