The High and the Mighty

The High and the Mighty by Ernest K. Gann is an aviation thriller much on the likes of Airport by Arthur Hailey. Everything that could possibly go wrong on a commercial aircraft going out of Honlulu to San Francisco did go wrong in this flight. There were 21 passengers on board, so it was a much smaller aircraft and the story is much before the booming & large commercial airliners the size of dinosaurs. Co Pilot Dan Roman has had a previous escapade in another flight when he was a captain and that ended in a tragedy. So it was a comeback of sorts for him to be a co pilot at his age. The weatherman actually predicted grave weather to the pilot but he paid scant respect. Things start to go wrong during the flight, when one of the engine fails and fuel leaks. That plus the lousy weather conditions going into San Francisco makes for a courageous landing. All elements of emotion, drama, fiction here in this book.

This novel was made into a movie in 1954 starring John Wayne as Dan Roman. Goodreads 4/5

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