The Genial Stranger

The Genial Stranger by Canadian born writer Donald MacKenzie is a robust crime fiction novel. Paul Seargent and Gordon Russell are two confidence tricksters much like Michael Caine and Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Their forte is relieving people of their hard earned money. Paul’s long lost daughter Lucy is coming from California to visit him and he needs to do something big to keep up the appearances and also because he has come to know that his wife which is Lucy’s mother is ailing in the US and needs urgent medical treatment. They cheat a retired pilot Slan Slezak but the guy proves to be a tough nut and comes after them. Enters into the plot a rich American industrialist who happens to be seated next to Lucy during her flight from California to Paris. The plot moves fast from there onwards and Donald has excelled in his narrative in taking the novel to an exciting climax.

Apparently Donald MacKenzie has been to prison several times and for several years so a lot of prison life is explained in the novel, in not so necessary detail, i thought. There is not much info about him except for this article in this link

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