A brilliant surrealist film by Mrinal Sen made in 1974 for which it won the National award for best feature film, besides two other awards. Made in black & white it works on few parallels. A factory advertises for 100 jobs for which it receives 30,000 applications. There is a huge snaking queue for just obtaining the application forms but when things go out of control the company decides not to give out any forms, which results in revolt among the applicants. From those applicants, Mrinal Sen has told stories of a few of them. One guy is a relative of village headman, whose family is upon hard times, and he has to sell his land cheap to the headman. The headman is cheating all villagers. Another story is that of a young girl who is looking for a job to support her mother who is working as a cook in another house. She is struggling to get jobs anywhere. The third story is that of a mill worker Banerjee (brilliantly played by Shekhar Chatterjee) who has lost his job to strikes, gets to drinking and is hounded by his co workers and the mill owners. There is one photo journalist who keeps taking photos and decides to create a sensation around the mystery number 30,000, the owners are terrified, call the police, who investigate few applicants, but find nothing. Mrinal creates a metaphor out of the 30,000 by showing a chorus arising from the proletariat against the business owners for lack of jobs and other atrocities being faced by them.

Brilliant movie to watch for those interested in quality cinema.

The image used is only for representational purpose and not with an intention to violating copyright.

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