A billion colour story

A subtly optimistic movie against the backdrop of fundamentalist forces trying to wreck society. Imran Aziz and his wife Parvaty are film makers, they have a 11 year old precocious son and trying to make a film in India. Finances are a problem but before that they have a problem with finding accommodation in Mumbai. Everything is tied to religion. Ghettoisation is the norm.  There are subtle hints and then there are aggressive threats. But Imran is a perennial optimist his wife not so much, the kid is puzzled at what’s going on.  Finally he lands some finance with a guy but that person is knocked off because he is opposed to fascist forces and has been vocal on social media. There is more tragedy in the end and there is hope and optimism also in the end, that all is not lost in this billion land. Very subtly made movie, there is not much an element of violence except for a scuffle in the society compound. All the actors have done a fine job, all of them small time actors, but they have performed quite well. Rashmi Somvanshi looks quite dazzling, Dhruva Padmakumar as the kid and Gaurav Sharma as Imran Aziz have done super roles.

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