Dogtown & Z Boys

Dogtown & Z Boys, a documentary made in 2001 about the sport of skateboarding which evolved sometime in the 70s in America. Basically the sport emerged out of ocean surfing because the boards were more or less the same and the moves also got inspired from surfing. The documentary shows one team Zephyr in Dogtown in Santa Monica which produced probably the best and most daring skate boarders with many innovative moves. What happened was that during one period of drought in California in the 70s, the swimming pools got dried out, so the empty pools were like magnets for young kids to practice skate boarding. Subsequently the sport gained in prominence with many sponsors, national competitions, TV times, magazines, interviews, international competitions and the like. There were rankings and ratings and the roll of honour and the like. Young & daring skate boarders started going one better than the others and raising the bar all the time. It was an exciting time for the kids those days with lots of money coming in, name & fame. Dogtown did pioneer in a lot of ways with their Zephyr team and people like Jeff Adams and Tony Alva were considered like Michael Jordan of skateboarding. Nice documentary with lots of live video footages from the 70s and interviews with probably the entire Zephyr team.

Where i do my morning runs there are a group of young kids who learn skating (not the skate boarding) and it is quite exciting to watch them pass by.

This documentary can be watched at

Picture above taken from the internet and not with an intention to violating copyright.

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