Danger Zone – Shan state

In the second edition of Danger Zone, Arglit Boonyai travels to Shan State in Myanmar where there has been a raging conflict going on between the ethinc rebels and the army for more than 7 decades. There are more than four rebel groups including the Kachin independence group who are involved in the conflict. The rebel groups want independence or autonomy for their region but the Myanmar President has promised to set up a federal structure in the country. But still both sides are refusing to budge. The rebels want the army and police out of their area because apparently that is creating distrust, besides the army supposedly indulging in rape, torture & destruction. Boonyai travels to some restricted areas where foreigners are not allowed to visit and does manage to meet a couple of the rebel leaders. The main conflict is raging in the Kachin state and the Shan state and if you look at the Myanmar map, both these states constitute roughly little more than half of the entire Myanmar territory. No wonder the army and the government does not want to cede control of these regions. Plus the area is rich in natural resources including silica, which is another bone of contention between the groups. Boonyai does not look at any cultural aspects of the Shan state, because apparently there is’nt anything to report about. A lot number of Myanmarese are incarcerated in refugee camps.

Picture taken from internet and used for representational purposes only, not with an intention to violating copyright.

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