Danger Zone – Pattani

The next episode of Danger Zone takes Ariglit Boonyai to his own home country in Thailand, where an insurgency has been brewing for a long time in Southern Thailand in Pattani which borders Malaysia. So far we have seen all insurgencies are border conflicts. Pattani was once a Malay kingdom which got integrated into Thailand, but the Malay speaking people never accepted Thai rule and want autonomy for their region. But surprisingly there is little known about any group or its leaders who are fanning this insurgency. Apparently there is one group called the BRN which is involved in this conflict, but little is known of them or their leaders. The Thai police have apparently not been able to break this group, but repeated bombings take place in which innocent citizens are killed. Boonyai did manage to speak one rebel leader but he apparently turned out to be a confused citizen with no burning motive for creating havoc. Interesting this, because nobody in the outside world are aware of this conflict going on for decades.

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