Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry, an Iranian movie made by Abbas Kiorastami in 1997. A deadly psycho movie. The film does not have too many characters. There is a middle aged tired looking man Badli (Humayoun Ershadi) who is going round the city in a range rover. He is looking for people who can bury him after he commits suicide. He offers money for doing the job. He scans several roadside people and after some time a Kurdish soldier hitches a ride in his vehicle to go to his barracks. When Badli narrates his story to him, the soldier chickens out. By this time the vehicle has entered a construction site and going round and round like a metronome. At the same the camera shows continuous shots of Badli’s anguished pleading face. The going round and round gets on the viewers’ nerves. The second guy is an Afghan seminary student who tries to talk him out of committing suicide. The third guy is a much senior weather beaten guy who says he will do the job because he needs the money for his kid’s medical expenses. The conversation between this third guy Bagheri (Abdolrahman Bagheri) and Badli is deadly as Bagheri tells him he also tried to commit suicide once many years ago, but mulberries saved him – he ate one or two mulberries before dying and liked it so much that he decided to live. He gives a lot of positive message to Badli. By this time, he is seen subtly directing the vehicle where he wants and the bleak dreary landscape also starts changing slowly. Fear starts creeping into Badli by this time. There is no female interest in the movie. Both Homayoun Ershadi and Abdolrahman Bagheri have done super acting.

Few words of Persian language are the same as that in Hindi or Urdu rather, for eg. khud khushi means suicide in Persian and duniya means life.

This film won the Palme d’ Or at Cannes in 1997.

image taken from the internet and used for representational purpose only, not for violating copyright.

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