Brilliant documentary film Close-Up (1990) directed by Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami about the real life incident of a man impersonating the famous Iranian film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf. All the characters in this movie are played by the real people who were involved in the incident. There is one film buff Hossain Sabzian who is a big fan of Makhmalbaf and has seen his films and read about him. He is traveling in a bus reading a book written by Makhmalbaf when his co-passenger asks him about the book, he reveals that he has only written the book. That starts a train of incidents to happen, including inviting Sabzian to their home, allowing him to stay, to eat, and all this while he is making plans for a movie involving them and their location. Kiarostami has deftly handled the subjects since they were all non actors in real life, all of them have done a superb job in the movie. He is allowed to film the real trial and also ask questions to the accused, who is arrested after the family gets to be suspicious about him. Its a raw production, since he has not used any lighting or special effects. The ending is the real suspense. A masterpiece of a movie from an ace director.

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