Mission Begin Again – Maharashtra

Maharashtra government has announced the next round of Mission Begin Again measures in the state from 1st September, 2020.

What has been allowed is

30% attendance is allowed in private offices, but metro is not allowed though MHA has contemplated starting metro operations from 7th september onwards, Maha govt. has not allowed that. If 30% of the staff are allowed to travel to work, how will they travel? I have seen that travelling by BEST buses is next to impossible because there is lot of queues in the bus stops, there is virtually no social distancing taking place in the bus stops. Plus BEST buses allow only one person to sit per seat. This logic i am not able to understand. When airlines are allowing all 6 seats in a row including the middle seat, why is BEST not allowing two people to sit on the seats. With the result, what is happening is that travelling by BEST buses has become extremely difficult and dangerous too, due to covid and non existence of social distancing taking place.

MHA had allowed sports events upto 100 persons participating with proper social distancing, masks etc. but Maha govt. has not allowed that.

Schools, colleges will be closed upto 30th September, and so will cinema halls, swimming pools, International air travel (this should have been allowed selectively), bars, auditoriums, assembly halls etc. Places of worship continues to remain closed.

Hotels and lodges will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity. No restriction on inter-district movement of goods & persons. Passenger movement by private bus/ mini bus allowed. All from 2nd September 2020 onwards.

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