Brilliant malayalam psycho drama movie “Thaniyavarthanam” (1987) directed by Sibi Malayil and starring Mammootty, Thilakan among others. Its a subtle take on the deep rooted orthodoxy and superstition prevalent amongst some families in Kerala. Their strong belief in rituals to the exclusion of scientific temper and medicine, which is disdained. It is also a strong commentary on how Goebbel’s propaganda works – keep telling a person he is mad, until he also believes he is mad. Mammootty (Bala Gopalan) is a school teacher in a small primary school in which his daughter also studies. They have a traditional house in the village but not so much money. There is one relative in the household who is supposedly insane and apparently that is bought about because of an age old curse coming down from generations, affecting the male members of the household. Balan’s younger brother Gopi (Mukesh) is a staunch opponent of all these mumbo jumbo rituals but all the elders are deeply rooted in that belief. They have a sister who is unmarried and not getting any proposals because of this curse apparently. Balan’s relative dies and it is predicted that Balan will be the next in line. So just one wayward dream of Balan and people start doubting it and react funnily to him. Balan himself does not believe anything is wrong with him but the village folk, his school colleagues and family members slowly start poisoning his mind. Mammootty’s slow descent from a normal fun loving family into a person affected by all these accusations is brilliant. The family has no money at all, but still go ahead with making arrangements to perform another round of rituals to appease the devis to arrest his decline. Brilliant climax by the Director, which no one saw coming.

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    Very nice, have seen this movie,its a classic by Sibi Malayil…

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