La Jetee

Science fiction short film (1962) directed by Chris Marker and told entirely by a continuing series of still images. There is no dialogue in the movie except for some mild mutterings, which the viewers will not be able to make out. The central protagonist in the movie is a man who has survived a nuclear attack during World War III and is disturbed by some images from his childhood. There is nobody on earth following the apocalypse and so he is chosen as an experiment subject to do time travel to first go back in time and then ahead of time. He is continually seeing a woman (Helene Chatelain) in his time travel and keeps running into her at various stages of the time travel. In the end he comes back to the earth, where he sees another sets of images that of a man falling down on the airport tarmac. Its a very experimental movie and the editing of the photographs have been done quite well.

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  1. This sounds intriguing.

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