Award winning Tamil movie Malaikallan (1954) starring MG Ramachandran, P. Bhanumati among others. Its a desi version of Robinhood story, the hero robbing the rich to help the poor. Whole lot of characters in it and quite a complicated story to narrate. But its a rich story, with superb dialogues by M. Karunanidhi in rich Tamil and superb screenplay. Malaikallan (MGR) is a robber with his own luxurious kingdom in the mountains and Poongothai (Bhanumathy) is just another girl in village. She is kidnapped by one rival gangster, and is then rescued by Robin Hood and slowly starts developing love towards the Robin Hood. Later even her father is kidnapped, but we are able to keep our sanity intact, because Abdul Kareem keeps coming and going repeatedly and by the audience is aware of his real identity. Aeons later and after a lot of twists and turns in the story, Robin Hood and the heroine are re-united again with a lot of family reunion thrown in towards the end. The comic interludes between the two police cops are quite good. Bhanumathi shines in the movie throughout and MGR is good in the disguise role, showing what an effortless actor he was. Also MGR acting is way tolerable than that of Shivaji Ganesan who is a great actor no doubt, but with too much theatricals, that gives one a splitting headache at the end of the movie. And in those days, movie time used to be not less than 2 and half hours and sometimes more also.

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