A Trip to the Moon

First ever science fiction movie in the history of cinema, A Trip to the Moon, made in 1902 by Georges Melies. Its a legendary movie in that sense. Its a short movie of 12.50 mins and silent movie. 5 astronomers (not astronauts) are chosen to a trip to the moon. They make a bullet like console in which to travel to the moon.

Note they are all going in their coats and hats and wigs and each one carrying an umbrella!! On the way to the moon, the moon smiles at them, as if welcoming them!! They reach the moon and wave to the earth.

They feel tired after the long trip from the earth to the moon, so all of them lie down there on the lunar floor and go to sleep!! In the absence of dialogue, unable to fathom the movie clearly, but a lot of stars appear there on the horizon, curious at these people. Then some other lady comes in a vehicle and starts showering snow on the humans, waking them up!!

Then they go into a cavern!! in which exotic plants and mushroom grow taller than humans.

They are then attacked by some aliens and captured alive and taken to the king of aliens. One of the astronomers frees himself from the ropes and goes and picks up the king of the aliens and throws him on the ground. Aliens go into puff of air upon being thrown on the ground.

Astronomers then escape back to their bullet capsule and one guy is seen hanging by the thread and one alien manages to land himself on the capsule back.

Astronomers return back to the earth to a tumultuous welcome.

The captured alien is made to dance on the streets with the humans. Its a path breaking movie in many respects, the first science fiction movie.


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2 responses to “A Trip to the Moon

  1. This film deserves its reputation as a legend, wouldn’t you say?

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