The Virgin Suicides

Deadly psycho drama movie, the Virgin Suicides (1999) directed by Sofia Coppola, in her directorial debut. Unusual theme for a movie in the sense that it shows five young teen girls in an upscale suburb of Michigan all living their lives in a claustrophobic fashion being barricaded inside their house by their over protective parents. While their mother is a domineering character, their father a maths teacher is a kind of very meek person over ruled by the mother. They don’t go out anywhere to play or meet friends or to shopping mall or do things that normal girls of their age do. The frustration gets to them, one of the girls, Cecilia Lisbon first slits her wrists in the bathtub, but recovers, then again attempts by jumping from their second floor terrace onto the spiked fencepost. The parents get more paranoid and blockade them more fiercely now, but the girls get their fleeting moment of freedom when they go to their schools. Kirsten Dunst as Lux Lisbon gets more daring of them all, but gets betrayed by somebody whom she thinks loves her. The story is narrated by four boys of their age from their neighbourhood who were never able to forget them or what happened to them, even 30 years after they passed out of schools. The girls get more and more desperate, frustrated and decaying all the time. Its a brilliant psycho movie that gets on your nerves. Sofia Coppola has done a good job as a first time director. The girls have all done their part well. Its a brilliant movie worth watching for its thematic content.

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