One Week

Brilliant 1920 comedy movie starring Buster Keaton & Sybil Seely. For a movie made in 1920 it is absolutely brilliant even by today’s standards. Buster Keaton has newly married the beautiful looking Sybil Seely and his uncle gives him a plot of land, in which he has construct his own house for which he has given him the wood as well. The challenge is to place the wood by numbers to get it right. But one dejected suitor of Sybil puts all the numbers wrong resulting in a lopsided house. There are lot of comic capers involving the house or ladders in which Buster excels. There is lot of Chaplinesque about him, minus the facial expressions of Chaplin. Then apparently he has constructed his house on a wrong plot no. 66 whereas it should have been at 99. They have to move the house across the railroad, but it gets stuck in the middle of the tracks. Whenever both Sybil and Buster appear on the screen together, it is pure magic. For a movie made in 1920, it is simply outstanding. This is rip-roaring comedy.

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