Jamaica Inn

Alfred Hitchcock thriller starring Maureen O’ Hara, Robert Newton, Charles Houghton among others. The film is set in 1820 and Pengallan (Charles Houghton) is a head of a gang which wrecks ships off the coast, kills the sailors and robs all the jewellery in the ships. This has been going on for some time. Mary Yellan (Maureen O’ Hara looking beautiful and undoubtedly the star of the movie) comes to Jamaica Inn, to visit her aunt. Unknown to her, uncle Joss (Leslie Banks) is the one who helps Pengallan with his ship wrecking business. In comes James Treheane (Robert Newton) an undercover cop who has infiltrated the wrecking gang. Mary gets involved with James, and it all comes down to a big fight at the next ship wrecking attempt, which fails because of Mary. Pengallan is quite a character with his arched eyebrows, funny accent and all but the star of the movie is undoubtedly Maureen O’ Hara. She looks beautiful throughout the movie and does enough to keep all eyes on her.

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