8.32 kms in mindspace

8.32 kms in mindspace, Mumbai. Weather has definitely turned for the better. Gyms have been allowed to open in Mumbai with 50% occupancy. Gyms have been reeling from losses for the last six months and many gym owners and coaches have gone into despair and depression. But my gut feeling is that gyms will recoup their losses sooner than most, because of the overwhelming feeling to get fit and healthy and build immunity amongst people due to the covid. They might see a surge in their membership in no time.

MRR (Mumbai Road Runners) is raising funds for NGO, Habitat for Humanity, India. Habitat India beneficiaries are economically poor, low income, marginalized groups considered non-bankable, disaster affected families that includes historically disadvantaged communities. Till date, they have served over 62,025 families comprising of 297,720 individuals through their interventions in Housing, Sanitation, Access to Water and Disaster Response. To contribute to their cause, please visit


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