Kumbalangi Nights

Kumbalangi Nights, what a powerhouse of a movie, brilliant in all respects. Story of a dysfunctional family of four brothers, practically no gooders living in a shanty like house bordering the rivers with no one responsible for anything and no self respect or self confidence among any of them. There is no woman in the house. Director Madhu Narayanan making his debut here has a good robust script to lean on, to let the plot slowly take its roots. One of the brothers Bobby (Shane Nigam) falls in love with a girl Baby (Anna Ben) from the neighbourhood or rather the other way around to make it plausible. One brother Bonny (Sreenath Bhasi) is a mute one rarely seen in the initial plots. The youngest one Frankie (Mathew Thomas) is the most realistic, naming his house as the worst in the panchayat. He is a football fan and hoping for a scholarship to take him out of there. The eldest one Saji (Soubin Shahir) is supposedly the head of the family, but of no skill whatsoever save for living off his Tamil friend. Baby’s family comprises of her sister and her husband Shammi (Fahadh Faasil) a masochistic kinda guy. The plot starts slowly and then breaks out brilliantly in all directions involving all the brothers and the girl and her family. Everything works nicely in the movie, from a solid script with a suspense towards the end to brilliant cinematography to the acting by practically all the stars in the movie. Very realistic kind of acting, typically seen in malayali characters. Soubin Shahir as the eldest brother is undoubtedly the best performer with his emotions ranging from ludicrousness to helplessness to bravery. In the end there is a challenging statement from the director – whose house is more dysfunctional ?

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