The Motorcycle Diaries

Iconic movie about the iconic Argentine Marxist revolutionary leader, writer, guerilla leader, physician Ernesto Che Guevara, based on his best selling book “The Motorcycle Diaries”. This is the trip that Guevara took across the South American continent, traversing from Argentina to Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuala. A trip that he took with his best friend Ernesto Granado and which opened his eyes to a lot of things that South Americans were going through repressed as they were by the colonialists and imperialists. He saw with his naked eyes, the suffering of the poor people just as Mahatma Gandhi undertook his famous train journey across the length and breadth of the country to understand real India. The trip became a significant moment for Guevara as became a different person as when he started off. The movie with Gael Garcia Bernal playing Che Guevara and Rodrigo de la Serna playing Granado takes the viewers through almost the same route and journey that Guevara and his friend undertook in 1952. The trip across Argentina was mostly fun but it was only when they entered Chile that he started seeing the suffering and the plight of the poor people – being forced off their land, no work, no dignity, inhumane treatment. The Mayan ruins at Machhu Pichhu made him realise that such a beautiful civilization was ousted for the cramped urban surroundings of Lima, Peru. The seeds of marxism guerilla revolutionary movement were fused into Guevara on this trip across the continent. Both Bernal and de la Serna have played good roles along with the other characters. The script has been kept as not too serious with lots of charm and laughter along the way. Music and cinematography was breathtaking to say the least. Unfortunately the movie ends with his trip in Caracas and I guess there must be other movie to cover Guevara’s later exploits in Cuba and the African jungles leading to his murder by the CIA in 1967.

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