I’ll Get You For This

Another one of those bustling, hustling crime thriller from the master writer James Hadley Chase. My all time favorite, i have probably read more books of him than anybody else. This time it is Chester Cain, a small time gambler and fast gunman who has made some neat bucks and come to Paradise Palms for a much needed vacation. The reception on arrival stuns him somewhat and his criminal instincts tell him something is wrong. Proved right, he is framed for the murder of a local politician in his hotel room, with the girl Clair who has been assigned to him. One thing leads to another, political rivalries, corrupt police man, Cain makes a getaway knowing that they will come after him fast and hard. He finds some mutual friends who don’t like the political leaders and willing to help him. Jail breaks, fighting, gun shooting, daring do, you name it you get it all in a Chase thriller. Chase always writes on the underdogs of the society and his narrative skills are par excellence. This is one unputdownable book. Goodreads 5/5

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