My Last Day of Summer

These are Creator Series short movies, 10 in all, for filmmakers, to tell bike related stories. Stories that might be overlooked because they didn’t fit into a certain mold.

This one, My Last Day of Summer is the third one in the series. Julia, a young girl, a bike enthusiast takes her bike to the repair shop for some slight repairs. She has to wait for a while, because the shop is closed. The owner comes and says we can’t promise, we are full up today, but he will try he says. Julia sits down to read a comic book, that has a kid riding a bike in a forest. She imagines herself in that situations amidst the ups and downs of the forest path, amidst the tall trees and the sounds of the birds and insects of the forest. Soon she gets her bike back and goes into the forest.

Its a short movie of about 8 minutes, but beautifully made, super creative shots of the kid riding the bike in the forest.

The other short movies of the series can be found here

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