Viv Richards – King of Cricket

A 1987 documentary on the king of cricket – Viv Richards, the legendary batsman of West Indies, Antigua and Somerset. Viv has undoubtedly been the best batsman of my era, the 70s and 80s with his hard hitting explosive batting much before the advent of the hard hitting batsmen of the T-20 era. He had lightning quick reflexes and good eyesight as it has been confirmed by his father, Malcolm Richards in the documentary. The documentary talks of only his brief period in the mid 80s when he was appointed captain following Clive Lloyd’s retirement. There is no mention of his innings in the World Cup of 1979 when he along with Collis King massacred the hapless English bowling or of his magnificent innings of 192 in New Delhi. Nor of the famous scrap with the Aussies in 1975 and of Clive Lloyd rebuilding the team following that defeat. But still its a good documentary with good video footages, lots of sound bytes and overall you get the feeling of greatness in the man, even when he is down on the village ground or at the beach playing with his local friends or the kids in the village. It did mention at the beginning that only few bowlers troubled him and one of them was the legendary Indian leg spinner B.S. Chandrashekhar.

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