Among the wild chimpanzees

Most breathtaking documentary on the legendary primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall and her path breaking work on chimpanzees. She arrived in Gombe National Park in then Tanganika (now Tanzania) and started studying the life of chimpanzees there. Being known as animals closest to humans, and known as intelligent animals having learnt to make and use tools for their daily use, Jane started observing them at close range all aspects of their life. Initially she was looking at them from a distance, but slowly over the years, she started moving closer to them to the point where human chimpanzee interaction started taking place, albeit in a very limited way. The chimpanzees started entering the human habitation for the store of bananas kept there and that allowed for a more closer and better study. This movie was shot in 1982, 22 years after Jane set foot in Africa but she has been at it for more than 6 decades now. They had some lovely close up video shots even from way back in the early 60s and that makes for a good viewing.

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