Kamla ki Maut

Deadly psycho movie “Kamla ki Maut” made by Basu Chaterji in 1989. Basu da is a master at this genre after he made the hugely successful “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla”. Armed with a brilliant screeenplay Basu da explores the depth of human feelings that erupts like a volcano after a suicide of a girl named Kamla in the chawl in which the protagonists are staying. Pankaj Kapur with his wife and two daughters. For a few days everybody talks about Kamla and her death. Apparently Kamla was pregnant when she jumped. It overwhelms their life completely and then Basu da slowly weaves in and out of their lives exploring their fears and their past. One of the daughters Roopa Ganguly goes about her relationship with Irfan Khan which is on shaky ground. The other daughter also starts having alarming feelings about her affair with a boy. The mom goes on about her infatuation while she was a youngster and her attempted suicide. But Pankaj Kapur takes the cake with his multiple affairs, deception, extra marital affairs until he settles with his wife. He goes around with Supriya Pathak, then dumps her after making her pregnant and forcing her to have abortion, then has affair with a construction lady, runs away after it is blown up, lands up in a friends house, and has sex with his wife when the friend is away. I mean this is like ultimate. Teenage love, pre-marital sex, deception is the central motif of the movie. The fear encapsulates all of them making everybody nerve stricken and fraught with despair. Brilliant movie to watch.

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