The Blue Angel

Deadly 1930 German film starring Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings among others. Immanuel Rath (Emil Jannings) is a professor of English and literature at a local school. While taking a test he discovers a post card being kept surreptitiously by the students. Upon espying, he finds it that of a cabaret dancer. On further questioning he comes to know that the students visit the Blue Angel, a dance bar during the night. Immanuel is a strict kind of a professor and therefore decides to visit the bar in the night to see for himself what the students are upto.

There he chances upon a beautiful seductress Lola (Marlene Dietrich) who is a cabaret dancer in the show. The professor falls heads over heels in love with Lola and proposes to her. Meanwhile all is not well at the school and he loses his job. Over at the cabaret, he is reduced to a nothing, doing odd jobs, selling post cards etc. Years go by and Lola treats Immanuel very badly. He is forced to do the role of a clown where his master smashes a couple of eggs on his head just for laughs sake.

Deadly descent of a normal, respectable, intellectual person to a veritable clown and his degradation as a ridiculed nonentity. Brilliant acting by Emil Jennings and Marlene is of course gorgeously beautiful in the movie. The story is very good and so is direction. The print is probably the same one they shot it way back in 1930. The print should have been digitally restored. Its a cult classic.

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