A 1927 gangster film in silent era “Underworld” starring George Bancroft, Clive Brook, Evelyn Brent, Helen Lynch and Fred Kohler, directed by Josef von Sternberg. Bull Weed (George Bancroft) is a notorious gangster robbing banks and a terror in the region. Once while robbing a bank, Rolls Royce (Clive Brook) catches him leaving the bank with the loot, but Royce is totally inebriated. In order to prevent any witness, Bull Weed takes him along and feeling pity on him rehabilitates him by giving him money.

Bull Weed has a girlfriend Feathers (Evelyn Brent) who falls for the rehabilitated Royce. Meanwhile another rival gangster Buck Mulligan (Fred Kohler) has a thing going against Bull Weed. There is an annual gangsters’ ball at which Buck Mulligan threatens to molest Feathers despite his girl friend Meg (Helen Lynch) protesting against it. In the shoot out that ensues Buck Mulligan is killed for which Bull Weed is caught and sentenced to hang until death.

As the hanging day approaches Feathers and Royce plan to get Bull Weed out of the prison using the hearse. A major shoot out ensues after Bull Weed escapes resulting in a resounding climax.

George Bancroft as the cruel, murderous, jealous gangster has done a wonderful role as has Clive Brook as the restrained friend of his. The girls Evelyn Brent and Helen Lynch (in her brief cameo role) steal the show with their beauty and determined acting.

This one for the connoisseur.

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