Young Mr. Lincoln

As fine a bio-pic as you can get of young Mr. Lincoln during his early lawyer days, before he entered politics. Director John Ford has directed a masterpiece with Henry Fonda in the lead role and a whole host of characters in supporting roles.

Abe (Henry Fonda) becomes interested in law when he chances upon a barrel full of books including some law books which he begins reading and becomes fascinated by it. He is in love with Ann Rutledge (Pauline Moore) but she soon dies.

Soon he sets up office as lawyer in partnership with John Stuart. When independence celebrations are going on in town including some local games, one Scrub White teases a lady and then later in the night, her husband and his brother get into a scuffle with this Scrub White which resulted in his death. The local mob gets furious and wanted to lynch two brothers, but somehow Lincoln controlled the mob.

Mary Todd (Marjorie Weaver) starts getting interested in Lincoln and asks him to dance at a ball, to which he agrees reluctantly, not being much of a dancer. His early love life with Ann holds him back.

Later the murder case goes into trail and despite being his first case Lincoln somehow feels confident of handling the matter on his own without getting any senior counsel advise.

Henry Fonda has done a wonderful job as young Lincoln. The bio pic concludes before his political career starts but in the last scene he is called upon the court window by hundreds of people to cheer him, the sort of adulation he gets from the people is tremendous. All other characters, Pauline Moore, Marjorie Weaver, Alice Brady (in her last role before her death) Arleen Wheelan, Dorris Bowden have done wonderful roles on their own right.

Camera work and cinematography are outstanding. The print quality of this movie on youtube is perfect for a 1939 movie. John Ford has directed an outstanding movie for the ages.

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