Seventh Heaven

What a beautiful romantic movie, this one “Seventh Heaven” (1927) directed by Frank Borzage and starring Charles Farrell, Janet Gaynor among others.

Chico (Charles Farrell) is a sewer cleaner under the streets of Paris and yearns to be a street sweeper where he can be on the streets rather than under it. By pluck or say what, he gets a job as a street sweeper. Diana (Janet Gaynor) is a prostitute staying with her wicked sister. Both of them get the news that their long lost uncle and aunt are back in the city and ready to take them back. The aunt likes Diana but the uncle wants to know whether they are clean. When Diana says no, both uncle and aunt go back without their offer.

The sister becomes furious with Diana and starts whipping her in public. Upon which Chico seeing the commotion strong arms the sister and rescues Diana. When the police comes on a parade, Chico says that Diana is her wife in order to save her from detention. Diana then offers to stay in his house until the police comes and checks and goes away.

That happens but by then both Chico and Diana are in love with each other. War is called and Chico has to go away to fight in the war. The war lasts for four years during which time both Chico and Diana yearn for each other.

Judith Gaynor has performed her role as Diana magnificently for which she won the Oscars for Best Actress. Charles Farrell has also done a superb role. The direction is very good for a 1927 silent movie. The Director Frank Borzage also got the Best Direction award.

But the beauty of the movie is Judith Gaynor. She has put her whole heart and soul into the movie and despite being a silent movie one feel the power of her acting.

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