Love Me Tonight

Lovely Hollywood musical “Love me Tonight” (1932) starring Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Myrna Loy among others.

Maurice (Maurice Chevalier) is a tailor to many in Paris including Vicomte Gilbert who owes Maurice lot of money for his outfits and that of other creditors like the hat guys, shoes, etc. His fellow creditors give him the news that Gilbert does not pay to anybody. Gilbert belongs to an aristocratic family and he has no say in the finances of his family.

Maurice sets off to Vicomte to recover his dues. On the way he espies Princess Jeanette (Jeanette MacDonald) who falls of her horse. Maurice instantly falls in love with Jeanette not knowing her real background. When he reaches the palace he is introduced by Gilbert as Baron Courtelin because Gilbert does not want the family to know he is indebted to Maurice.

Maurice finds Jeanette inside the palace and continues to woo her. This is a lovely light hearted musical with lot of fun and joy in the movie. Both Jeanette and Maurice have done good roles and the music is quite fantastic.

Ending of the movie is quite good, but i do not want to spoil the fun for people watching it.

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